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Colorful outfits always attracts attentions especially for womens fashion but it has to be worn in the right occasions and season. Most women considered wearing colorful sexy outfits during summer time and what perfect place to wear a sexy and colorful outfit is at the beach.

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The heat of the sun, sound of the ocean, nice view, sexy bodies and lots of people having fun is just a typical scenario at the beach. Speaking of sexy, not all types of colorful outfits can look sexy when worn. It has to have the right design and style plus the right colors for it to be considered a sexy and colorful outfit at the beach.

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A sexy and fashionable beach wear is one thing and having a nice figure is only a plus and didn’t you know that fashion accessories not only adds up to the look in fact it makes the whole outfit complete. Now that’s cute,sexy and hot if you add it all up.

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Lots of top designers have their own beach wear collections or swim wear collections. Among all the other designer clothes collections,  I really liked Ralph Lauren collections and designs because of its colorful appearance and its sexy fit that is stunningly hot and its perfect to wear on the beach.

Bright colors looks nice under the sun that is why most beach wear and swim wear have different bright colors and designs. Summer is literally extremely hot, good thing bright colors do not absorb heat as much as dark colored outfits do. You will feel like the summer’s heat is lessen when you wear a bright colored beach wear. This makes you feel fresh and also look good and sexy has never been so much fun especially at the beach thanks to fashion.

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victorias secret camouflage outfit
Camouflage became an essential part of modern military tactics during the 19th century up until the 20th century. Its bright colors and bold, impressive designs catches the attention of some fashion designers and made different kinds of designer clothes with camouflage design. There’s a wide variety of camouflage designed outfits from pants, skirts, tops, accessories, swimwear and even lingerie.

designer clothes for women

designer clothes for women

Ralph Lauren designer clothes

camouflage bikini

camouflage swimwear

The camouflage design in clothes add a whole new color in the world of fashion and style. In some fashion shows, models are wearing the latest fashion collection inspired by a military camouflage outfit. Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren are example of some designer clothing lines that adopted the camouflage design in many of their designs.


designer clothes for women

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A summer vacation without a summer sport is but a poor substitute for pleasure in some woman’s life these days. Sports active women enjoys most of their summer doing their favorite sports. Tennis, golf, cycling, jogging, going to the gym, swimming and many more. Many of the top designers have their own collections and designs of their own designer clothes sports wear.  Here are some pictures of cute and stylish summer sports outfits.

Ralph Lauren Tennis outfits



Louis Garneau cylcling apparels



Ralph Lauren Golf wear



Juicy Couture swim wear



Nina Bucci jogging apparels


Blue Fish Gym outfits



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Summer generally refers to the warmest and humid season between spring and autumn. Generally speaking summer time is the perfect time to hit the beach and other relaxing escapades. While you’re on the beach there’s practically no dress code but it doesn’t mean either that you can wear a thick winter coat or a suffocating mascot costume. why? because it just doesn’t make sense does it!? Anyway if you are on a beach relaxing and doing other stuffs to enjoy your summer, you should wear refreshing and comfortable outfits.

Its an annual thing for any designer who makes fashionable designer clothes to come up with a fabulous summer collection specifically swim wear/beach wear. Here are some stylish beach wear from Ralph Lauren.


Ralph Lauren Blue Label ‘Big Pony’ Green Halter Top & Bikini Bottoms


Lauren by Ralph Lauren White/Black  ‘Reef Stripe’ Halter Top & ‘Reef – Kelly’ Bottoms


Lauren by Ralph Laure Green/Yellow ‘Reef Stripe’ Halter Top & ‘Reef – Kelly’ Bottoms


Ralph Lauren Blue Label ‘Big Pony’ Black Halter Top & Bikini Bottoms


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Regatta Stripes Black Skirted Bikini Bottom


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Regatta Stripes Gold Skirted Bikini


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Regatta Stripes Black Tankini Bikini


Ralph Lauren Blue Label Swimwear Classic Cable Halter Bikini


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Pique with Metallic White String Bikini

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