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Ralph Lauren,cute-pink-outfit

Pink is a pale red color and its very obvious that more percent of women loves to wear pink than men, that’s why pink is the perfect color that represents femininity in style, fashion and lifestyle.

the color pink in fashion is a common thing to see and still attracts more and more women to become pink holic (addicted to pink) when it comes to fashion and style. Designer clothes has lots of pink collections that are just cute,sexy and very feminine looking fabulous clothing and accessories.

Ralph Lauren,pink-fashion-collection

Ralph Lauren,pink-outfit

Polo Ralph Lauren,cute-pink-outfit-2

Even designer Ralph Lauren use the color pink in his campaign to raise funds to help cancer patients in some hospitals and is encouraging us all to think pink with his Pink Pony collection.

Designer clothes,ralph-lauren-pink-pony-polo

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During the 14th annual critics choice awards night the 22 year old actress/designer Amanda Bynes was looking like a teen queen in her gorgeous skin tight silhouette pink dress. She choose a beautiful color that stands out among the other shiny colors of dresses worn by other female celebrities that also attends the 14th  annual critics choice awards. When Amanda Bynes arrived at the event, looking like she is trying to tell the world that she is no longer a child actor. She was looking especially hot in a tight pink dress that showed off killer legs and even some excessive cleavage for this award show. I think it is time Amanda started getting some hotter roles in movies!

So, how do you guys categorize Amanda’s choice in fashion? While most women rolled into the event wearing elaborate designer gowns, Amanda Bynes chose to spice it up by going with a super tight and cute Pink mini dress. Well I think she looks fabulous in her outfit and she also looks very sexy in a cute way. Surely a fashion designer clothes designer like Amanda knows better fashion style than an average Joe. She is currently designer her own fashion brand named Dear and whats good about having her own clothing fashion line is that she gets to wear her collections in an event like the 14th annual critics choice awards and her collections will automatically become exposed to the world. Talking about advertising, she really knows a lot and yes she is wearing her own fashion collection during that event.



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