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inside and out fashion 1

People’s lifestyle is always colorful which means full of laughter and tears or sorrow and joy, no matter where we look into it fashion style will always be in peoples lifestyle. I you haven’t noticed a simple get together with friends and family are one of lifestyles precious moments and if we look deeper in this given pictures, we can see the contribution of fashion into our life styles. Fashion is how we look, fashion is who we are and we live in the world of fashion.

fashion inside and out 2

fashion inside and out 3

fashion inside and out 4

fashion inside and out 5

In all the things that people do it seems that fashion designer clothes manufacturers and legends like Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret and many more, they always design the right style and outfit inside and out for our daily lifestyles. Traveling, work, Hobbies, sports and even simple every day task that we do in our home or just to pamper ourselves are some of the everyday routine in our lives and with fashion its always complete.

fashion inside and out 7

fashion inside and out 8

fashion inside and out 9

fashion inside and out 10

fashion inside and out 13

fashion inside and out 11

fashion inside and out 12

fashion inside and out 6

Everyday is always a new chapter in our lives and completes our lifestyle, fashion inside and out is the key to be able to do what you have to do with comfort, confidence and satisfaction. Each and every design of outfit is designed for a single purpose, for peoples lifestyle. Fashion inside and out is looking sexy in everything that you do.

fashion inside and out 14

fashion inside and out 15

fashion inside and out 16

fashion inside and out 17

fashion inside and out 18

fashion inside and out 19

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Lyrian Intimate fashion

Looking Intimate is always attached to the word fashion and the both fashion and the word intimate is part of our daily lifestyle. People always wear stylish and fashionable clothes and outfits all the time especially sexy and cute outfits for women. Intimate fashion displays beauty, sexiness and seductive look.

Intimate fashion 2


We often picture intimate fashion in a form of lingerie and sleep wear but if we look deeper in any casual or plain sexy outfits, we can tell a very sexy intimate fashion from not. Designer clothes are often made sexy and stylish and some, even its formal wear can be labeled intimate fashion because of its extremely sexy look and provokingly seductive appearance.

Intimate fashion 3
Intimate fashion 4

Intimate fashion 5

Intimate fashion 6

One of which designer clothes collections that I see as an intimate and stylish fashion is Ralph Lauren‘s Black Label Collections. Its a very sexy and seductive fashion yet so formal and elegant that when you look at a sexy woman wearing it, you can tell that its one intimate fashion.



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victorias secret camouflage outfit
Camouflage became an essential part of modern military tactics during the 19th century up until the 20th century. Its bright colors and bold, impressive designs catches the attention of some fashion designers and made different kinds of designer clothes with camouflage design. There’s a wide variety of camouflage designed outfits from pants, skirts, tops, accessories, swimwear and even lingerie.

designer clothes for women

designer clothes for women

Ralph Lauren designer clothes

camouflage bikini

camouflage swimwear

The camouflage design in clothes add a whole new color in the world of fashion and style. In some fashion shows, models are wearing the latest fashion collection inspired by a military camouflage outfit. Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren are example of some designer clothing lines that adopted the camouflage design in many of their designs.


designer clothes for women

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School uniforms plays a big role in every students all over the world, why? Its because everybody that experienced going to school already wore a school uniform. So why are girls school outfits considered cute?

In many schools, girls are required to wear school uniforms. For many girls, this gives them a sense of collective identity, unity and equality. Different countries have different styles of school uniform especially for girls based in their culture and fashion. A school girl uniform shows innocent look and redefines the word cute in a whole new meaning that is why people call it cute  . Here’s a different images of different types of school girl uniforms.






There are also designer clothes that are school uniform inspired. Rugby by Ralph Lauren is a collection of outfits inspired by uniforms in schools for the younger generations. His outfits are fashionably stylish and cute.


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Sleeping is a daily routine in our lives and all people must sleep to regain energy for the next day but this blog isn’t about sleeping, its all about fashion. I’ve always wondered what do people wear to bed (not in a indecent way, lols). I mean, do people still consider fashion trends in sleepwear? One way you could do to incorporate fashion into sleepwear like maybe wear a Ralph Lauren night dress/pajama or wear a sexy lace lingerie when lace is in. Whatever it is, it is up to you as you will be sleeping in it. I guess comfort is the key most important factor when it comes to sleepwear.

If you noticed any designer clothes shop that has a variety of nightwear, I look at all those sexy nightwear,pajamas which are quite fancy and I really do wonder if people do wear them all the time. Here are some really cute outfits that girls can wear to bed;

ralph-lauren-sleep-wearRalph Lauren Flutter-Sleeve Sleep Gown

designer clothes for women

Over sized Tee from Victoria’s Secret

designer clothes ukJuicy Couture Sheep Pointelle Tank with Matching Shorts Sleepwear

designer clothes for women

Flora Nikrooz All For Love Chemise Sleepwear

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Ralph Lauren,cute-pink-outfit

Pink is a pale red color and its very obvious that more percent of women loves to wear pink than men, that’s why pink is the perfect color that represents femininity in style, fashion and lifestyle.

the color pink in fashion is a common thing to see and still attracts more and more women to become pink holic (addicted to pink) when it comes to fashion and style. Designer clothes has lots of pink collections that are just cute,sexy and very feminine looking fabulous clothing and accessories.

Ralph Lauren,pink-fashion-collection

Ralph Lauren,pink-outfit

Polo Ralph Lauren,cute-pink-outfit-2

Even designer Ralph Lauren use the color pink in his campaign to raise funds to help cancer patients in some hospitals and is encouraging us all to think pink with his Pink Pony collection.

Designer clothes,ralph-lauren-pink-pony-polo

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A summer vacation without a summer sport is but a poor substitute for pleasure in some woman’s life these days. Sports active women enjoys most of their summer doing their favorite sports. Tennis, golf, cycling, jogging, going to the gym, swimming and many more. Many of the top designers have their own collections and designs of their own designer clothes sports wear.  Here are some pictures of cute and stylish summer sports outfits.

Ralph Lauren Tennis outfits



Louis Garneau cylcling apparels



Ralph Lauren Golf wear



Juicy Couture swim wear



Nina Bucci jogging apparels


Blue Fish Gym outfits



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Summer generally refers to the warmest and humid season between spring and autumn. Generally speaking summer time is the perfect time to hit the beach and other relaxing escapades. While you’re on the beach there’s practically no dress code but it doesn’t mean either that you can wear a thick winter coat or a suffocating mascot costume. why? because it just doesn’t make sense does it!? Anyway if you are on a beach relaxing and doing other stuffs to enjoy your summer, you should wear refreshing and comfortable outfits.

Its an annual thing for any designer who makes fashionable designer clothes to come up with a fabulous summer collection specifically swim wear/beach wear. Here are some stylish beach wear from Ralph Lauren.


Ralph Lauren Blue Label ‘Big Pony’ Green Halter Top & Bikini Bottoms


Lauren by Ralph Lauren White/Black  ‘Reef Stripe’ Halter Top & ‘Reef – Kelly’ Bottoms


Lauren by Ralph Laure Green/Yellow ‘Reef Stripe’ Halter Top & ‘Reef – Kelly’ Bottoms


Ralph Lauren Blue Label ‘Big Pony’ Black Halter Top & Bikini Bottoms


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Regatta Stripes Black Skirted Bikini Bottom


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Regatta Stripes Gold Skirted Bikini


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Regatta Stripes Black Tankini Bikini


Ralph Lauren Blue Label Swimwear Classic Cable Halter Bikini


Ralph Lauren Swimwear Pique with Metallic White String Bikini

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Ever wonder what designer clothes female celebrities are wearing when they walk on a red carpet. Here are some list of  the most gorgeous and stylish celebrities today in their cute and sexy outfits.

Angelina then also attended a press conference for “Changeling” in Tokyo, wearing a grey Ralph Lauren Collection dress. And although the dress complimented her figure, the colour completely washed her out.


Vanessa Hudgens showed up at the Tokyo premiere of “High School Musical 3″, wearing a stunning pink Moschino mini dress, which was covered with floral appliques. She completed the look with matching Jimmy Choo heels.


Dakota Fanning continues to impress with her cute and age-appropriate style. To the premiere of “Push” in Los Angeles, she was dressed in a strapless grey mini dress and completed the look with gorgeous black/silver ankle-wrap shoes.


Renee Zellweger attended “The Late Show With David Letterman” and looked exquisite in a red one-shoulder dress, which she wore with red suede Christian Louboutin pumps.


Rosamund Pike attended The Costa Book Of The Year Award 2008 in London, dressed in an elegant black RM by Roland Mouret dress with nude strappy heels.


For a special screening of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” in London, Oscar nominee Penelope Cruz showed up looking casual chic, wearing bootcut jeans with a black tux jacket and waistcoat.


Brooke Shields attended the unveiling of the 2nd annual Godiva Decadence Suite at the Bryant Park Hotel, wearing a grey draped Jill Stuart dress, which didn’t flatter her at all. She wore black peep-toes with it.


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There are lots of designer clothes denim shorts and cut-offs or short denim shorts. Ralph Lauren is one of the top designers who makes sexy and stylish denim shorts. This cute shorts are revealing and sexy, but are they for everyone?

Add an Imageralphlauren3



Denim shorts… They are in every single magazine, on every single blog, even your neighbor has some. Great for gals with slim legs and hips and no cellulite! Just remember that location and occasion are every bit as important to making the right choice in outfit. Never wear short denim shorts or cut-off denim shorts to work. Women with wider hips and thicker thighs will tend to look shorter and wider with short shorts.





Temperatures and hemlines are rising, and shorts are without a doubt a favorite summer fashion choice. Some women look great in them, others look cute. Still, on a great many women the wrong shorts will simply not work. Celebrities may take every opportunity to show off their long legs in short denim short shorts, but pulling off this look can be tricky.

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